Letters and Testimonials

Thank you for your patience and skills helping me reduce the tinnitus in my hearing. Thanks to you, I can ignore the overwhelming sounds that have plagued my hearing and sanity for the last 13 years. The hearing devices have helped me ignore the tinnitus sound and focus on the sounds I hear that have been there all along that I was unable to hear.

I wish more doctors focused on this awful disease, as Randall Bartlett has done. The hearing devices are a huge help.

I was referred by Dr. Avita and I am so glad… my tinnitus has been reduced by 50% or more with the  treatment from Randall Bartlett.

Thank you for giving my hearing back and my sanity.

S. A., Los Angeles, CA


My doctor referred me to Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Southern California because I was experiencing a “static” noise with a constant ringing sound that was interfering with my sleep. I was diagnosed with Tinnitus as well as hearing loss in both ears.

I chose to try a combination device, which would not only address my hearing loss, but also provide relief for my tinnitus. Because tinnitus is prevalent when there is an absence of sound, the combination device includes a sound generator that provides a “neutral” background noise so that my ears can focus on the sounds I want to hear instead of the constant ringing.

Along with a sound machine at night when I sleep, using the combination device has changed by life! I went from sleeping 3 to 4 hours a night to a full night’s sleep. During the day when I use my combination device, I am no longer bothered by my tinnitus at all. My daily life is a much richer experience and I am able to hear all of the sounds I had been missing for so long. The difference is absolutely amazing!

I am so grateful for the help I received from the professionals at Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Southern California. When I am wearing my combination device, it’s like my tinnitus completely disappears. At night when I take out my hearing aids, I turn on my sound machine and I am finally able to drift off to that wonderful sleep I have been missing for so many years.

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone who has hearing loss and tinnitus, I would definitely recommend choosing a combination device. It has made such a profound difference in my life, I can’t imagine living without mine.

T. V., Santa Clarita, CA


A few months ago, I was searching for an ear doctor, and was recommended to Randall Bartlett by my insurance company.

I was hesitant to go, as I had quite a bit of hearing loss, and suffered with this blowing or ringing sound in my ears all the time. I was informed that this symptom was tinnitus, which meant nothing to me at the time. I had a hearing test, which revealed I was approximately 85% deaf in one of my ears, and slightly less in the other. Hearing aids were the recommended possibility and I agreed to give them a try.

The aids, made by Oticon, seemed to work very well for me, but an added plus was the fact that I no longer noticed the tinnitus while I was wearing the aids. I still had no symptom when not wearing the aids, but what a plus this was. Not only could I now hear all the find nuances of everyday hearing, I did not have to contend with trying to hear through that awful wall of rushing sounds.

If anyone had told me that hearing aids would even mask those sounds, I would have not believed them. If anyone else can be helped by this testimonial, I encourage them to try the aids. I have only had the aids one month, but they do make my hearing so much better that I could ever have imagined.

My wife, friends and customers are also delighted with the fact that my vocabulary has changed. No longer do they hear “huh”?, “what?” or “would you mind repeating that?”

Thank you Randall for changing my life for the better!

A. L., Los Angeles, CA


I have been meaning to write and tell you how happy I was to have found you. When I had the onset of my very loud and frequent tinnitus, I felt I was losing my mind literally. I went to doctors and a well-known hearing clinic and really didn’t get much help. It was very depressing.

It was so lucky on my part that an ear doctor neighbor knew of your clinic and recommended it to me You not only did testing that on one else did but what I appreciated the most was the personal care and understanding of how I felt.

I got the feeling someone actually cared. Your Tinnitus Rehabilitation Therapy (TRT) treatment and recommendations were so helpful to me. Our conversations served as such a life line for me and kept me sane.

I had wonderful results and wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your help and your work.

R. O., Los Angeles, CA


I’ve had tinnitus for many years and my hearing was failing. I was examined at The Hearwell Group in Santa Garita. Randall Bartlett addressed the hearing loss and tinnitus issues and outfitted me with Oticon hearing aids. The results were startling. About 75 percent of the tinnitus disappeared and the secondary or override tinnitus disappeared completely. M my overall hearing improved greatly. Many thanks to all at Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Southern California.

M.G., Los Angeles, CA


My experience probably starts like yours. One night about 20 years ago I was surprised to awaken with a ringing in my years. I naively though perhaps it was because I had just started using and electric toothbrush. (Don’t I wish!)

The ringing, however, persisted and I eventually found myself in the office of an ENT, who tested my hearing and pronounced me a victim of tenetis, a chronic and incurable condition of neuro-created sound, the cause of which is largely unknown.There upon followed several weeks of significant concern (call it fear?) I listened to the ear (left side) then I would realize I might have “forgotten” it for awhile but, of course, it always returned.

HOWEVER, after a few weeks, I noticed the sound receded, and thereupon followed 20 years of peace. I might notice my tints (by now it was a white noise) once in a while but it was relegated to the back of my mind, playing no role in my life and of no concern. Then, about a year ago, while watching TV, I realized ‘”Hey, suddenly -out of nowhere my tinnitus is getting pretty loud!”

I was back where I started 20 years ago. This was not good. The fear of domination by this syndrome became real for me for the first time in years. In desperation, I hit the internet looking for help. Obviously, many potential panaceas presented themselves, diets, books, meditation etc., etc. However, one point of interest was the website for the Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Santa Clarita. It was encouraging, and they talked of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, which, at least, seemed to have a  medical basis.

I called, made an appointment and went to Newhall (I live 50 miles distant) to meet with them.They showed me a video which dealt with Tinnitus and described Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

Randy Bartlett gave me a thorough hearing and tinnitus analysis, including a procedure which tested my brain’s ”plasticity,” followed by a long consultation. He explained the method would required hearing aids specially designed for TRT. These would emit a tinnitus-like sound BELOW the sound of the tinnitus itself, (this is not masking) which would gradually re-train the brain to listen for the new sound and tune out the old (tinnitus) sound. Randy also told me it would not make the tinnitus go away but it would make it “less noticeable.”

Faced with few or no options, I decided to give it a try. A couple weeks later I returned for my hearing aids and that was beginning.

Since that time, and its been about a year, if have concluded, either for psychological, physiological or neurological reasons, TRT helps. A lot. Maybe its, in part, because you realize you are not alone with this thing, and maybe because of other factors, but I have found great comfort in not only the hearing aid system, but the competence and caring of Randy and Lynn.TRT and they have made a huge difference.

The result? Basically, my tinnitus is still there, it will always be there and hey! Some days are better than others. But, you know what? I really don’t care. Sometimes its subdued, and that’s great; but other times, when it is prominent, I’m largely indifferent to it. I does not dominate my life. It does not prevent me from doing the BIG THREE: sleeping, resting, thinking. When I hear it I don’t worry because it doesn’t own me anymore.

I hope these remarks give you some comfort.

DB, Tustin, CA


Dear Mr. Bartlett,

This will confirm I met with you recently relative to evaluating my hearing loss and the accompanying tinnitus.  I must admit that I had some reservations about doing both the Level 1 and Level 2 consultations.

However, I found that doing both evaluations allowed for having a complete history, full testing of my hearing, tinnitus and finally recommendations for the therapy options available.  My questions and concerns were addressed and I left your office with some clear options and frankly, hope.  For me it was well worth the time and expense to do both Level 1 and 2 evaluations, and particularly at the same time.

Many thanks,

MD, Los Angeles, CA


For more information, visit our website at www.latinnitus.com.

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